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Playing this for class, and... Whoa. Thanks for the most bizarre and clearest representation of how it feels to be up at 2am in front of your computer, even if your bed's inches away.


i've got absolutely no hold on symbology or anything other than superficiality, but by golly, what an experience. i don't feel like i need to know anything about it, it's its own life and that's what it delivers to me. i am content to become its atmosphere, only breathing this and nothing else.


WTF no purpose at all....




This was super cool, congrats on the award too! I did a full playthrough on Youtube:

yay, thank you! can't wait to check this out! <3

I'm stuck on the third level, the puzzle (?) with lights and insects. I can't seem to move anywhere or click anything and the hint isn't helping terribly. Any clue what I'm missing?


try moving the browser up, from the bottom :)


Congratulations on winning!

thank you! <3

That was such a great interactive experience.  Thoughtful and creative. I loved every minute playing it!  I'll be rooting for you  at the IGF awards :)

thank you! so glad you enjoyed it <3

Hey. You're shortlisted for the New Media Writing Prize 2018. :)

oh yay! thx for letting me know! :)

Hi! I'm playing the game but it doesn't seem to have sound/music. If anyone could help, I'd very much appreciate it. I remember it being so soothing!

hi! if you're using google chrome, it's auto play update has broken a lot of games/sound lately, and i am still trying to find a satisfactory work around to fix. i'd rec trying firefox! hope this helps. :)

This really was a surreal experience, and I just still can't quite believe how amazingly ingenious the concept is. I don't think I've ever played such an intricate in-browser game with so much story hidden between the sprites and minigames.

Being led from one scene to another, and drip fed thoughts and memories in the midst of a weird, wonderful and also worrying set of landscapes was an altering experience, and when I got to the end of the game it took a while for me to snap out of being jarred by the whole thing (in a good way!).

This is definitely a game that throws up many ideas and theories and I really do love the way you've been talking about sexism in videogames and counteracted that with this slice of amazing work. I honestly loved every second of this, even if I do seem a bit bewildered at times haha! Keep being awesome! =)

thank you! <3


So many cool details and variations. A strange mix of calm and spookyness, a great little late-night discovery :)

so glad you enjoyed it! <3

Gorgeous and unsettling. 

I love to be unsettled.

<3 <3 ty!!

This is exceptionally beautiful and I want to float round in it for ever.

Thank you!


This game is unlike anything i've played. It seamlessly manages to be a walking sim, platformer, point and click, visual novel, zine and more - but you don't even notice because it's designed in a way that keeps you exploring. The storytelling, music and art is abstract, calming, dark and nostalgic all at the same time.  Highly recommend!

thank you! <3

for sure, loved it