A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

End of Light #8

Useless gun in paradise

Music video game by Cassie McQuater

Sounds by Jono Mi Lo


You fell out of combat and into the sky.

Toggle btwn two glitched views of a weirdo landscape. Take yr time and play around, there is no end destination -- only colors & shapes for you to make on the screen while you explore.

press "c" to move between the two glitches.

press "x" to turn gun on and off

you can pretend yr painting the landscape w yr gun x__x

use arrow keys to move

use mouse/trackpad to look around

use space to jump

take your time, if you move too fast you will fall forever ;)



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listen to Jono Mi Lo End of Light here:



write up for Kill Screen:



Standing by my bed in gold sandals
Dawn that very moment awoke me


Install instructions

MAC USERS: Plz note you may have to change your security settings to play any games you dl (generally). You should be prompted to do so after you try to open the download. Just right click and hit open.

I personally prefer to press "x" once and play without the gun :)


End of Light for Mac.zip (41 MB)
End of Light for PC.zip (40 MB)