The above link will take you to the intro page for Zoo Tyc00n 2032. Please note: this game has been made for Chrome and Firefox only.

Zoo Tyc00n 2032 is a satirical take on the tycoon video game genre. You're an eager entrepreneur, with a million dollar loan from your father in tow, on your way to set up the zoo of your dreams. There’s only one problem: the rapidly warming world (due to global climate change) is making it all, just, very... annoying for you. In fact, everything around you  is literally on fire as you strive to create a zoo to end all zoos! Wow! This is totally fine!

T/W, this game involves: climate change, Trump tweeting, the fact that extreme wealth won't save anyone from climate disaster.

A game by Cassie McQuater, 2018.

This is version 1.0.

Future updates to add enemies, more complex interactions, fix bugs, ect. is possible.

Please don't let this be the game I am remembered for, lol. It's...jokes.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorCassie McQuater
GenreAdventure, Action, Simulation
Made withPhaser
Tagscapitalism, Dark Humor, Dystopian, Experimental, Tycoon


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Where you got the diablo sprites?


What a wild ride! From what I've played it's got a lot of promise, but the movement is kinda screwy right now. I end up stuck in the corner most of the time and can't build more eco-friendly, sustainable animal cages. :c 
I'll definitely be back after the next update though!!