Blaze Fielding + cackling dentures!

🔥 Blaze Fielding 🔥

Blaze is subjected to the trope of “female fighting character who has their underwear exposed when they execute certain moves”:
“In all games, she wears a white thong, as seen in the animations for her jump kick.”

It’s also interesting to note that the level of this exposure was “censored” in the American version:

Top: Very visible white thong in her jump kick anim
Below: “Censored” American version

🖤🔥 In Black Room, she dances through through a smoky red field at dusk. 🔥🖤

🔥 In this scene we find 🔥

Blaze Fielding >> Steets Of Rage, 1991 <3

Phoenix >> Heroes of Might and Magic, 1995 (my fav PC game as a child!)

Red Flowers >> Castlevania series

Small explosions >> Sim City series

Cute Pile of Dirt >> Sailor Moon series(customized)

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