🌪️ A fighter named Spin 🌪️ + a very, very tiny thong.

Zero Team is a relatively obscure platformer that plays like your generic Street Fighter, ect. style fighting game. It also has an extremely common plot: a team of heroes (including one female heroine wearing a tiny thong + sheer tank top!) must rescue an (unnamed) (female) kidnapping victim.

The only playable female character, Spin, has one of the most ridiculous outfits I’ve seen:

Above: Spin, front and back.

Above: Spin’s jump sequence.

Above: Spin on a …boogie board?

Above: Spin’s (very suggestive) defeated pose. Because why not make that thong visible + prominent even when your character is unconscious? (shudder)

Above: And let’s not forget, our unnamed damsel in distress is whisked away by several men in a van.

🌹 You can see Spin’s scene in Black Room here. 🌹

🌪️ In this scene we find 🌪️

Spin - Zero Team, 1993 / Zero Team 2000

City Backdrop: Socket/Time Warrior, 1993, Sega

“No Way” building background, lightpost: Zero Team 2000

Blue bottle: Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, 1992

Blue Mailbox: Gang Wars, 1989

Bones/Skeletons: Gholus’N’Ghosts, 1988

Green dumpster, Poster of 80s woman - Legionnaire, 1992

Cement/Brick floor, grass/rocks - Metamorphic Force, 1993

Coca Cola, Trash Bin, Casino sign, ect - Ninja Gaiden, 1988

Crumpled American Flag - Sly Spy, 1993

Traffic Cone, Street signs - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989, Arcade)

Odalisque Painting - Tough Turf, 1989

Roadblock - Sonic Blast Man 2, 1990/92

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